Believing Like a Child

door | aug 25, 2016

Are we born or raised with a sense of religion? What can faith look like if a child is allowed to shape it?

With these questions I kick off the first chapter of my book about how to become a true seeker in this crazy world. I roughly describe my own childhood in this chapter in which I was brought up in a non-religious environment, but at the same time felt connected with creation in a strong and magical way, even when I was only six years old.

“You could say that her connection to the miracles of nature and the sheer goodness of it all was so strong that if someone would have asked her if God existed or if life was worth living she would have gazed in amazement at such a soulless question. Anybody could see that life was made of magic and that being alive as a human on such an incredible planet was the gift of a grew sorcerer.”

Are we born or raised with a sense of religion? What can faith look like if a child is allowed to shape it?

With these questions I kick off the first chapter of my book about how to become a true seeker in this crazy world.

When I grew older I wanted to attend Sunday School, much to the amazement of my parents.

“There I studied the New Testament, full of awe and eagerness as if I was the personal pupil of an ancient master. I especially liked the way Jesus would teach, using stories to make his point and I often wondered what Jesus would do in a certain situation.”

This wasn’t easy, though, because of the difference in culture, age and gender between Jesus and me. A few years later I started to challenge myself to practice the teachings of Jesus in the most literal sense.

“I was about eleven years old when I started training my faith by walking on the water of our swimming pool when we lived in Madrid, Spain for a year. Never made it dry to the other side I’m sad to say, but always knew it was because of my lack of faith. “Must have more faith, still sinking”, I would mutter to myself as I generated all the faith and courage I could muster in my pre-teen body and step into – how I wish I could have written onto – the water just ONE last time.”

Next time I will tell you how my strong, mostly selfmade faith as a child was challenged again when I became a teenager.

“Then puberty snuck up on me like a thief in the night and somehow managed to rob me of my innocent faith by suddenly not being so sure anymore about God. My mind suddenly needed sound reasoning and undeniable proofs.”

Meanwhile let me know in the comment box below how you experienced your faith as a child. Was it only mimicking your parents, or did you feel you could already experience something you could call “God” or “faith” in your own special way?

With Munay*, friends! Until I blog again 

Barbara De Roos

*Munay is the Quechua word for “Love in Action”, something the Q’ero indian community of Peru learn to put into everything they do

All quotes are from: Laughing With God, part 1, Seek the Unseekable (available on Amazon, suitable for both believers and non-believers of all ages and backgrounds).

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    Hello and Blessed Sunday! Just shaking off heavy cold….not attending church! Asked for bible for my 10th birthday… from Mum… who was always loved books. My name from Peter Pan, from poor ground. She spent her pennies on comics not sweets. My bible cost 10 shillings, half a pound. We lived with her mother, she left my horrible abusive father… we were poor.

    Sunday school opened up new vistas, went with school friends but there met some of the best people I have known in life. Christianity in action. Music played influential part, choir in Church and school and a father figure, not the Minister.

    Always loved the language of King James bible and the marvelous stories… epics. Can now appreciate all those different, unsophisticated truly good folks. Many such churches have become Supermarkets.

    My seeking continued through life… lots of reading. Existential questions… BASICALLY, REPLY IS … GET ON WITH IT! However the guidance was in those values given in The Sermon on The Mount.

    Well, did not think all that would come out a.m. Will now ring son who never has time… know he goes to India this week… do not know which city.

    Congratulations on book and sending love!


    • Barbara

      Thank you, Wendy! That was pure poetry, painting your spiritual life in some rough strokes and images. Glad that a book lover like you is one of my earliest fans. Take care!


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