What can happen if you boldly knock on Heaven’s Door, asking for a proof of God’s existence?

With this question I kick off the second chapter of my book about how to find God in this crazy world and become a True and Courageous Seeker. I describe how my unshakable belief in God changed when I became a teenager. My mind suddenly needed sound reasoning and undeniable proof.

“I needed to know the truth, not just guess it, even if it meant that God did not exist. I had survived previous deceptions like Santa and the Easter bunny, so I felt strong enough to accept a No as an answer. In fact, if I didn’t receive a very clear sign of God’s existence, that would last my whole life, I would assume that I had received a No.” (*)

What happened next was nothing short of a miracle. I was out of my body, floating in white light of bliss, love and unity that brings me to tears every time I try to describe the experience. The white light has always remained a way for me to recognize God’s vibration wherever in the world I was. So for me, it was exactly what I had prayed for: God showing Himself in a way that I would never again doubt or forget.

What was the first time in your life that you knew with absolute certainty that God existed? Not everyone is blessed with this certainty, so please share this with us!

Who wants to know more about my teenage vision, can read the free excerpt of the first few chapters of Seek the Unseekable at amazon.com or barbaraderoos.com or order my book. The e-book version is available since a few weeks, so good news for all Kindle-lovers!

(*) Excerpt from: Laughing With God, Book 1, Seek the Unseekable, Chapter 2 – by Barbara De Roos

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