Spending some quality time in Cusco, Peru, to learn some more about the ancient Inca way of living. I’ve spent six days now with Don Hernan, one of my Paqo masters, who is considered a wisdom keeper of the Incas on the Path of the Pampa Mesayoc (Inca priest-healer)

I met Don Hernan in May, 2015 in of all places: Kerkdriel, the Netherlands! Curiosity, more than sanity or experience, drove me to enlist in this shamanic school. I felt that this was a unique opportunity to meet a now extinct civilization, through one of its direct descendants. Which adventurous and fun loving historian would not jump at such an opportunity? I wasn’t prepared for such a genuine and heart felt way of teaching, though! At one point Don Claudio, our second Paqo master, even started weeping a little. He was watching our group practice a way of giving each other Sami (or light) for the first time, most of us feeling completely out of our comfort zone.  I know I did! But Don Claudio didn’t see our clumsiness, he saw earnest, foreign students, practicing an almost extinct way of living, breathing, loving and healing. A way that was his mission to bring to a thirsting world. In their prophecies this was considered a sacred mission, that would be asked of every Paqo, as soon as their eternal icecaps, high in the Andean mountains would start melting. Sure enough in the eighties in the last century, these icecaps were getting smaller and smaller, of course due to the climate change. So down they came from these mountains, not sure how or where to start teaching and spreading their knowledge. But at least taking their mission serious. They had to spread their wings and teach the world a better way to relate to each other and especially towards God and Mother Earth.

Since that day I learnt how to walk their “Camino del Pampamesayoc”, baby step by baby step. I learnt how to communicate with all living beings, including rocks, mountains, rivers, the moon and the wind. I learnt how to clean myself and others from heavy energy (or Hoocha) and how to fill myself with fine, light energy (or Sami). This alone is worth so much! If every person on earth would learn how to take care of his or her own energy, this would make such a huge difference! I learnt a lot about the power of Munay (or love in action), a way of infusing everything and everyone with a vibrant, loving energy, which even makes cars and machines work more smoothly! I also trained myself in some of their advanced healing techniques, like soul retrieval and cutting cords with family and ancestors that are not helping you progress. Everything they taught me has been sweet, powerful and highly effective. And now I am in their homeland, understanding how this Inca recipe for life has been able to thrive in the short period before the Spaniards came to destroy this magnificent lifestyle.

In the newspapers and on internet I read about Peru’s troubles. How to develop the poor regions. How to combat corruption. How to counter national problems, like pollution, unemployment, unequal opportunities, discrimination, etc. I can’t help but wonder how it’s possible that Peruvians seem to have completely forgotten about a civilization that had solved most of these problems, to the point that hunger did not exist and the love for Pacha Mama (Mother Earth) was as natural to every Peruvian as their love for their mother.

I get that it’s not easy or even practical to bring back a native culture and replace the faltering ideology of capitalism with it. But at least some pride in their sacred roots, would not hurt the Peruvians, especially the ones with the most original, Peruvian DNA.  How on earth is it possible that their beautiful, poetic, native language Quechua is something more and more people are ashamed to speak? Or that being a Chollo (Peruvian with native Indian traits) is considered the lowest rank you can have in modern Peru? It should be the other way round!

But, hey, who’s talking? I’m just a blue eyed Gringo, a loooooong way from home…

I’ll keep you posted on more things that amaze and inspire me in this gorgeous region. So long, friends!


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