Discover the Sacred Valley with Don Hernan!

Don Hernan QuillahuamanA heart warming 10-day experience in the Sacred Valley and Cusco, Peru to let you feel, understand and appreciate the unique traditions of this area on many levels. Historical, by visiting 14 historical Inca sites. Cultural, by learning about the crafts and traditions of the Q’ero Indians, like how they trade without money or how they weave and color their tapestries. And spiritual, by learning first hand about the healing traditions of the Paqo’s from Hernan Quillahuaman, who is a Paqo himself, and will accompany the group on most days.

Who are the Paqo’s?

Paqo’s are the priest-healers of the Q’ero community and are considered to be the wisdom keepers of the Inka’s in the path of the Pampamesayoc. There will also be the possibility of healings and initiations by Don Hernan or another Paqo at the hotel you are staying in Urubamba, so you can customize this trip to fit your personal needs.

What are the lasting benefits?

The trip will be deeply inspirational and give you the tools to manage your own energy in such a way, that you will feel more and more happy and grounded, able to make many positive changes in your life when you return home. You will also feel that you are deeply connected with the Sacred Valley for the rest of your life.

Who is organizing?

The trip is organized by Barbara de Roos, a Dutch Paqo student, in close cooperation with her friend and mentor Don Hernan and her friend and Paqo buddy from Amsterdam: Bastiaan Serlé. Barbara will also accompany the group during the whole trip. She speaks Dutch, English, Spanish, French and German. Bastiaan will be the second guide if enough people apply. So if you’re a fan of Bastiaan, and you feel this trip is for you, don’t wait too long 😉

What is the price?

This first trip is offered for an introduction price of 980 euro per person for 10 days, including hotels, all meals, transport, entrance tickets and guides. First 6 nights will be in Urubamba, the last 4 nights in Cusco, to minimize chances of high altitude disease.

All rooms will have a private bathroom and hot water, prices are based on 2 persons per room. Extra charge for extra wishes, like a room for 1 person or an extra room for family members, who are not participating in the program.

A special 2 day (all in) Machu Picchu trip is offered for an additional 350 US dollar, for who wants to extend the trip for a few more days.

More questions? Mail Barbara at There will also be a few information evenings in Amsterdam in March and April for who can attend.
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