Sweep up the Big Hoocha with Elizabeth Jenkins!

Elizabeth JenkinsApril 17th – April 20th 2017

SURPRISE! Master healer, psychologist and bestselling author Elizabeth B. Jenkins is back in the Netherlands after years of absence! So if you’re Dutch grab this unique chance to work directly with her in your own country!

Many of us have read her books The Return of the Inka, Journey to Q’ero and The Fourth Level in which she describes her magical and mystical experiences. Now you can experience a piece of that for yourself as she is offering a powerful 3 day training in collective bubble work, deeply rooted in the Inka tradition and using elements of the Miskayani teachings on an ancient, sacred spot in the woods near Amsterdam!

Elizabeth has been working for 30 years in the Andean Tradition, working directly with the Q’ero Paqos of Hatun Q’eros, ColpaKucho, Charkapata, Kiku, Japu, Q’eros Totorani, and Choa Choa.

Paqo’s are wisdom keepers of the Inca’s, passing their knowledge and practices about the Andean cosmology and ancient healing techniques from generation to generation, since the times of the Inka’s.

Elizabeth has been studying this Peruvian healing tradition with her Master Juan Nuñez del Prado for more than 10 years before developing her own work, now 20 years ago. For people who are familiar with the work of Juan, Ivan and Elizabeth, also known as Fourth Level Healership, it’s good to know that Elizabeth is a “lefty”, whereas Juan is from the right side of this path. Lefties are more into doing than thinking, also more spontaneous and creative. And yes, there’s also a middle path for who can combine both sides of the path!

To make it even more exciting: Elizabeth combines her teachings with outdoor practice at a more than 1000 year-old sacred site that has been used for shamanic offerings and rituals by the Celts, and is situated in a beautiful, secluded spot in the woods….

And … she has big (and we mean BIG) plans for an epic Spring Cleaning. With the group she will train in the Netherlands she will be targeting and teaching everyone how to digest or “eat” the heavy energy (or hoocha) of not only the group and the surrounding villages but the WHOLE of Europe. Put that in your pipe and smoke it… Or like the Paqo’s would say: put that in your Qosqo and send it to Pacha Mama!

What on earth is hoocha, you may be asking yourself? Hoocha is dense, heavy energy that can be produced only by humans or left behind in certain places by humans. This energy can be golden and even nutritious for us, but only if we digest it in the right way. Otherwise the hoocha can make us feel burdoned, sad, angry, frustrated, etc. So it’s very important to know how to deal with it correctly.

After the 3-day training with Elizabeth you will be able to transform not only the environments where there’s too much hoocha (think of hospitals and stressful workplaces), but also to digest hoocha that you may have been producing or picking up on a particular day. This will translate in a better health and a happier, more vibrant life for you and all your loved ones! What on earth is hoocha, you may be asking yourself?

Do you feel called to join us? Don’t hesitate, if you feel the call, it’s meant for YOU, even if it feels FAR out of your comfort zone.

On Monday evening, April 17th EVERYONE is welcome to join us in an Empowerment Ceremony that will connect us to our Paqarina, our Itu Apu and our guiding star so that we can prepare for the Big Work ahead. It will be in the law of ayni on a donation basis, so you can give what feels right for you.

The training, starting on Tuesday April 18th and leading to The Big Hoocha Eating Day on Thursday April 20th (also Jupiter Day!), has a fixed number of participants. People who haven’t followed the training cannot participate on the last day. The reason behind this is that we don’t need as many people as possible to clear Europe’s hoocha, just folks that have been trained to do thiis job.

Costs of the Empowerment Ceremony (April 17th): AYNI (a donation to Q’ero Kids Education Project)

Costs of the 3 day training (April 18, 19 and 20):  480 euro (including 21% Dutch tax = BTW)

Not included in the training: meals and lodging. There will be venues where you can order food and drinks or you can bring your own. Coffee, tea and lemonade will be served during training hours for free. If needed we can help you find a hotel or guest family.

Are you a student with a student ID? Or do you have to live on a minimum wage or have other problems with raising the tuition, let us know to see if you are eligible for one of our special discounts!

Good to know: a minimum of 20% of the net profit of the training will be sent to Q’ero children in the Andes region, so that they can go to school. The Wiraqocha Foundation of Elizabeth Jenkins has been supporting the Q’ero since 1996, and the Education Project has been operating since 2006. This past year we have had FOUR Q’ero Kids graduate TOP of their class!

Do you want to register for the Opening Ceremony and/or the 3-day Big Hoocha Training? Mail Barbara de Roos at bderoos@xs4all.nl. She speaks Dutch, English, Spanish, French and German. The seminar will be in English.

Feel free to share this event with anyone you think fits the profile. We need brave people with a big heart for the world. So why not YOU and a couple of your friends?

Don’t worry if you have little experience with this tradition, Elizabeth will guide you through it with great enthusiasm and humor!

Hope to see you all on Monday night, April 17th for the Opening Ceremony!

More about Elizabeth Jenkins you can find on:


Program 3-DAY TRAINING “Sweep up the Big Hoocha!”

What can you expect?

Here’s the program of the Elizabeth’s 3-day training in transforming heavy energy!

Day 1
Monday April 17th |

19 – 22 hours: EMPOWERMENT Ceremony, group gathering around a Celtic offering place in Huizen, the Netherlands, open for everyone, AYNI donation.

Day 2
Tuesday April 18th| First Training Day

9 – 12 Theory
12 – 14 Lunch
14 – 17 Outdoor practice

Day 3
Wednesday April 19th | Second Training Day

9 – 12 Theory
12 – 14 Lunch
14 – 17 Outdoor practice

Day 4
Thursday April 20th | Third Training Day + Day of The Big Hoocha

9 – 12 Hoocha ceremony, collective bubble work at the Celtic offering place
12 –14 Lunch
14 – 17 Hoocha ceremony, collective bubble work, near water or river side

Meeting Point for Opening Ceremony: Parking in front of Restaurant De Goede Gooier, Crailoseweg 151, 1261 AA Blaricum, Netherlands. By public transport: take Bus 107 to direction Huizen from train station Bussum Zuid to the bus stop De Trappenberg (about 15 min)

Meeting Point for the 3-day Big Hoocha Training: Ferdinand Bollaan 8, 1412 HR Naarden, tel. 035 – 691 28 61. By public transport: walk 12 minutes from train station Naarden Bussum.

You can register for the Opening Ceremony and/or the 3-DAY TRAINING by sending a mail to Barbara on bderoos@xs4all.nl and listing yourself as GOING at the matching Facebook event page.


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